Cycling is a very enjoyable activity for kids. Parents should pay attention to all that it concerns. So here you’ll find some basic cycling tips for kids and why should a child have a bicycle.

Children’s bikes are great for developing motor coordination and child balance. It is one of the most enjoyable activities for them – that’s why a child should have a bicycle. Although they also offer risks. That’s why we’re giving you this biking tips for kids but also for you as a parent to know how to deal with your little child.

Just because they are having fun, parents end up forgetting about protecting their children. Most do not use any type of protection, and children are the main victims of serious accidents involving bicycles.

This accidents could be avoided with the correct use of safety equipment such as helmets, elbow pads and knee pads. Some cases can have irreversible results and leave marks for pure carelessness of the parents or stubbornness of the child.

In both childhood and adolescence, boys risk more – those between 6 and 18 years register the most cases of facial trauma. Many continue to put their equipment aside even after they have been injured. It is alarming that parents be patient and insist that they are not at risk of major trauma.

The use of the helmet is essential mainly for children under 4 years, because the stability is not yet as firm. By creating the habit of wearing the protectors properly, children from 7 to 10 years are safer because it is the stage of greater adventures and dangers of the little ones.

When buying a bike, instruct your kid to buy the protective equipment – this is the most important and basic cycling tip. The size of the bicycle is also important and the height of the seat must be adjusted. When the kid is seated on the saddle and with his hands on the handlebars he must be able to place his whole feet on the ground.

The most common protective equipment for kids to ride a bike are:

  • Helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads

Avoid head shocks that can result in severe trauma. 
Sign the bicycle with night stickers, put on a bell and wear reflective vest.

Kids like to venture. The ideal bike model for kids is the one which your child identifies himself, without giving up security.
Start with support wheels if you feel it’s necessary to take the first few rounds – but remember: falling is a part!

biking tips for kids

Choose the ideal bike for your child
First of all – buy the bike the right size: not a little bigger “because the child will soon grow.”

Feet on the floor and handlebars in the line of the shoulders: these are the measures that you must follow in the hour to find the model of the dreams.

There are no rules, advantages or disadvantages in choosing a black bike, single color, multiple colors… What matters here is trusting the child’s preferences.

The bicycle will become a great play partner.

If you follow this biking tips for kids and teach your kids how to do it, their experience will be more safe and enjoyable.


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