Nowadays there are so many options with different part numbers, material and styles that we decided to create this article with all the information you will need to choose the best Montessorian kit.

First, the most important

  • The Montessorian kit is the most practical and economical way for you to compose the children’s walk with functional and playful accessories.
  • With choices of rollers, bedding, pillows, pennants and mosquito nets, today you can find Montessorian kits for every taste and pocket.
  • In this article, we’ll show you the factors that differentiate one kit from another so that you can make the best decision when investing in this product.

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The best Montessorian kits: Our recommendations

Those looking for the Montessorian kit seek the combination of quality, beauty and economy. As a result, manufacturers are increasingly investing in varied options to suit everyone. Therefore, below, we will present to you the best Montessorian kit models available today in the market.

Buying Guide

To choose the Montessorian kit you need to go beyond the colors and the print. We need to evaluate factors that will ensure not only the decoration, but especially the safety and comfort of the child.

So we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision when buying the Montessorian kit.

Boy sleeping on patterned sheet.

The Montessorian kit brings comfort and safety to the child and charm to the decoration of the bed. (Source: Anna Grigorjeva / 123rf)

What is the Montessorian kit?

The Montessorian Kit is a set of pieces used to decorate the children’s bed that follows the Montessorian concept.

Made to measure for the Montessorian bed – which is characterized by a mattress on the floor – the common parts of the kit are: head and roll rollers, side rollers, sheet and pillow case.

But with the popularization of Montessorian beds, especially cottage-style beds, other items can also make up the kit to help further decorate the children’s bedroom.

Thus, the most complete kits also have a decorative duvet, lights and clothesline, as well as pillows with various shapes. Today you can find the Montessorian kit in various shapes, sizes, colors and prints.

Girl's bedroom with Montessorian bed.
Close up image of girl's bed with matching duvet with pillowcases and sheet.

However, more than decorating, the Montessorian kit also helps in protecting children.

This is because, as the original montessori bed has no guardrails, foam-filled rollers prevent children from rolling from bed to floor.

But, as we shall see below, the rollers are not necessarily indispensable in the Montessorian bed.

Montessorian bedding kit detail.

The Montessori kit includes protective rollers, sheet, pillow case, pillows and even the mosquito net.

What is the Montessorian method?

The Montessori method was developed around 1907 by Maria Montessori, the first woman from Italy with a medical degree.

In addition to being a doctor, Maria Montessori was an educator and her method, widespread worldwide, proposes the creation of an appropriate learning environment for the child’s development.

That is, an environment that allows young people to freely express their abilities without the dependence of adults.

The goal is for children to be able to learn on their own through their own experiences, developing spontaneously and creatively.

The method is used in various schools around the world and has also won homes. In the children’s room, for example, the crib and traditional bed are replaced by a mattress on the floor or a very low bed so that the child can come and go as he or she wants to.

Toys should always be at hand, at a time the child can easily pick up.

Check out the following other techniques used in the Montessorian children’s bedroom:

  • Small furniture at the height of the child.
  • Mirror, fixed to the wall, low, so that the child can see himself.
  • Bars on the wall so she can start walking alone without help from her parents.

Despite the proven effectiveness of the method, there are still many parents who fear for the safety of their children especially with regard to the bed on the floor.

The fact is that the risk of falling with the Montesorian bed is much lower than with the crib and with the traditional bed, precisely because it is flush with the floor.

Still, experts recommend that you use a rug or mats under and around the bed. This way, if the child rolls out of bed the “fall” will be dampened.

But some parents prefer to ensure maximum safety by adding the rollers, which comes in the Montessorian kit.

How best to use the Montessorian kit?

The fact is that if you want to follow the Montessori method to the letter, the roller kit is not essential as it is essential to leave it free to move around in bed.

But if you do not want to give up the kit you can adopt some recommendations to help the child in his development process:

  • Use only three rollers, leaving one side of the bed free.
  • You can also use just a roll on the headboard of the Montessorian bed.
  • In addition, you can use the floor pads to cushion a possible fall from the child.

What are the advantages of the Montessorian kit?

The kit is more economical because it includes several parts.

The Montessorian kit has numerous advantages, starting with the economy. With the kit you buy several pieces that would be more expensive if you were to buy them separately.

In addition, the kit is practical because all the pieces come with the same theme, pattern and colors, which facilitates the decoration of the children’s bed. Not to mention that the rolls that make up the Montessorian kit can act as protectors.

Another advantage is that, currently, there are several types of kit, with different parts, colors and prints for all tastes.

Still, the Montessori kit has a disadvantage. As we have seen, the concept of the Montessorian bed provides for the freedom of the child, ie without guardrails and rollers.

So, in a way, the rollers and pads that come in the kit end up being an obstacle that hinders children’s autonomy.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Montessori kit: Benefits

  • Make up decoration
  • Protects against falls
  • It brings coziness
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • More economical


  • Rollers And Pads Leave Clear For Child Drive

How much does a Montessorian kit cost?

The price of the Montessorian kit varies greatly depending on the quantity of parts, the material of manufacture, among other factors. Therefore, you will find the Montessorian kit costing between $ 70 and $ 500.

Of course you do not have to buy the most expensive. But it is worth weighing the number of pieces and the quality of the material with the need for use in the Montessorian bed.

Where to buy a Montessori kit?

You will find the Montessorian kit for sale in department stores and hypermarkets like Lojas Americanas and Extra.

Still, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon Brazil. That way you have more choice of models and still get the Montessorian kit from the comfort of your home.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Note Before Choosing Montessori Kit

Nowadays, the variety of kits is so wide that you may have difficulty choosing which one is best for your child.

It is therefore important that you understand the characteristics that differ from one Montessori kit from another and analyze their need for use. Below, we list the factors you should consider when purchasing the Montessori kit:

  • Manufacturing material
  • Parts
  • Size
  • Thematic
  • Extras

In the following, we will explain each of these factors for you to make the best decision and purchase the ideal Montessorian kit.

Manufacturing material

The manufacturing material is one of the most important factors you should consider. After all, the quality of Montessori kit tissue can influence children’s health.

The best models of the Montessorian kit have parts made of cotton and polyester inner filler.

But you will also find some kits made with mixed fabric, a blend of cotton and polyester, and even knitting.

Experts recommend, however, that if you can opt for the Montessorian kit made of 100% cotton since this material, although more expensive, does not cause allergies and is easy to wash.

Children's room with montessori bed in black and white colors.

The best material of the Montessorian kit is cotton. (Source: Katarzyna BiaÅ‚asiewicz / 123RF)


It is also important that you look at the quantity and type of parts that make up the Montessorian kit.

You will find the kit containing between two and 14 pieces. The basic kit is the one that comes with only two protective rollers. But you will also find kits that have: four rolls (small and large), sheet , comforter, pillowcase and pillows .

In addition, in some more complete Montessorian kits you will also find the famous flagpole that adorns the frame of the cottage and cabin-shaped beds.


Then evaluate the dimensions of both the sheet, which should fit the mattress of the Montessorian bed, and the rollers.

In general, the rollers come in two sizes: the smaller ones are used to protect the headboard and the bed of the Montessori bed. Larger rollers are used on the sides of the bed.

To make the right choice, have your child’s bed measurements at hand. Kits are generally sized to fit the Montessorian minimalist or traditional single size.


The theme, colors and prints are another factor that we recommend that you observe before purchasing the Montessorian kit.

Here the variety is immense. You will find the popular chevron kits, as well as those themed forest, safari, children’s characters, as well as clouds, drops, among others.


Before buying the Montessorian kit also note what extra parts are included.

Among them you will find strings of lights, which are those light fixtures that attached to the Montessorian bed help to give a cozy air.

In addition, it is possible to buy the Montessorian kit with musketeer and / or decorative flags.


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