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There are rules for riding with the children inside the car. Find out what they are so you can take a safe ride with your baby in the car.

Having a baby car seat it’s part of the routine of millions of dads and moms. 
The baby car seat is responsible for a safer and more comfortable ride and developed for children to make a great trip.

The child’s age and weight should be analyzed so that the appropriate seat is used. 

Up to 1 year of age or 9 kg the car seat must be placed inverted – facing the rear window of the vehicle. 

From 1 to 4 years (9 to 18kg) the car seat can already be turned to the front. 

From 4 to 8 years old (18 to 36 kg) there is no need for a large chair – only one lift so that it is at a suitable height to use the seat belt.

Traffic accidents happen daily. It’s up to the driver the responsibility to take all the required actions so that the kids always remain safe and comfortable. 
A basic medical kit inside the car is also useful.
Children can get seasick and uncomfortable during the ride – be aware.

Some cars have only front seats, such as pickup trucks. 
In this case, it is allowed to ride with children up to 10 years. It is mandatory to use the safety device and it is advisable to switch off the airbags in these situations. 

When the number of children in the back seat is greater than the limit, you can transport the older child in the front seat as long as the child is also using the restraint device.

All these inspections are done so that the child can make a safe and enjoyable family trip. Children are very fragile and need a lot of attention. It is also cool that there is always someone next to the child during the ride. It will feel safer and more comfortable while the car is moving.

I hope you liked the tips. Now just stand on the road and present this wonderful world to our beloved children.

baby in the car safety tips

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