Learn the steps you need to take to take care of your child’s health with the use of backpacks. The tips are good for adults too. 

Carrying heavy backpacks can result in problems for the child as it disrupts the support and development of the spine and can trigger very severe chronic pain. 

However, with the amount of material that schools require from kids added to the extra objects they like to carry, it is difficult to leave lightweight backpacks. More than half of the children and adolescents carry backpacks that go beyond 10% of the child’s weight.

If you have not yet felt pain, there is an 80% chance that you will feel it because your body tends to lean forward by carrying weight, causing the spine to become crooked. Consequently, the development of the child is continually undermined.

Parental monitoring is necessary to avoid this practice being repeated throughout the child’s school life. The damages can be irreversible and possibly will last throughout the entire life of this child.

When scoliosis develops in adolescence, young people often experience back pain, especially in the lower back, which causes great discomfort and may even impair school performance.

What’s the best way to carry a backpack?

The correct thing is to adjust the backpacks so that they are shoulder height.

The children leave the handle of the bag totally loose – leaving it at the level of the buttocks or the lumbar. This factor contributes greatly to an incorrect posture and can develop severe damage to the child’s spine.

The development of the body is extremely accelerated at this stage of life, so it must happen properly. The child has to mature safely without compromising his health. With these factors ensured, childhood will be much quieter and your child will be a healthy and happy adult.

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